Sunday, June 26, 2011

History Is His Story---- All About The Very Works of God

"The book of Acts is excellent history...... Luke does not merely give us a history of the early church; he tells us that there is a plan to history.  God is unfolding it.  That plan does not have to do with the rise and fall of empires.  It does not have to do with one race or people being more influential than another.  The Bible does not even look at history as having to do primarily with individual successes or attainments.  The meaning of history is in God's work: God reaching down into the mass of fallen humanity and saving some hell-bent men and women, bringing them into a new fellowship, the church, and beginning to work in them in such a way that glory is brought to Jesus Christ.  That is what Luke is writing about as he unfolds these events."

- James Boice

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